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The KING of Coffee

467 Hartford Road

Manchester, CT 06040

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Donuts are meant to be enjoyed

We are here to satisfy your craving of amazing donuts and glorious pastries. We have many options to choose from when it comes to our donuts so don’t be shy about what kind you want to order. From apple to sour cream, we’ve got it all. Come in and order a few, sit down and enjoy!

Donut Flavors

Old fashioned


Mini-cinnamon roll


Apple filled

Apple filled stick

Lemon filled


Red velvet

Chocolate frosted

All chocolate

Boston cream

Chocolate frosted with coconut

Plain cruller

Plain jelly stick

Chocolate jelly stick

Fancy shot

Chocolate shot

Glazed whole

Cinnamon – cake/raised

Plain powdered/jelly

Cherry cake

Blueberry cake


Raised coconut

Plain coconut

Chocolate coconut

Toasted coconut

Butternut crunch

Powdered cruller

Cinnamon cruller

Glazed cruller

Chocolate glazed cruller

Sour cream

Vanilla frosted with choc drizzle

Strawberry frosted with sprinkles

Cinnamon roll

Apple fritter

Warm, moist fillings

Glorious sweet flavor

It’s making your mouth water…

Fresh baked donuts.